God looked down and saw Mama, and saw that she was good. 

But He also saw there was something missing. She was good, but she wasn’t complete. 

She was missing a partner with whom to raise her children—someone to cherish and protect them right alongside of her. 

So, it was decided: 

Let there be daddies—to rile up before bedtime; to wrestle on the couch and roughhouse on the floor. 

Let there be daddies—to play good cop when Mama is being too uptight, and bad cop when Mama is desperate for reinforcement. 

Let there be daddies—to brush teeth and read bedtime stories. 

Let there be daddies—to teach curveball throwing, fish hook stringing, and seed spitting.

Let there be daddies—to braid a little girl’s hair and kiss her off to school. 

Let there be daddies—to be elbowed in the middle of the night by exhausted mamas, to take their turns rocking newborns in the earliest hours of morning. 

Let there be daddies—to carry sleeping babies from the car, their tiny cheeks pressed up against broad shoulders with total trust. 

Let there be daddies—to kiss Mama on the cheek and wrap strong arms around her waist. 

Let there be daddies—to tease and tickle; to teach orneriness and mischief.

Let there be daddies—to balance out a mother’s worry; to speak logic to her emotional thoughts. 

Let there be daddies—to lead their families with boldness and wisdom. 

Let there be daddies—to bring laughter to the dinner table and joy to the home.

Let there be daddies—to keep things light-hearted and seldom take anything too seriously.

Let there be daddies—to hold everything together when it all threatens to fall apart.

Let there be daddies—to show little boys what good men should be, and to show little girls the very same thing. 

Let there be daddies—to love like only a daddy can. 

Let there be daddies.

This article originally appeared on Etched in Home with Casey Huff

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Casey Huff

Casey is a middle school teacher turned stay-at-home-mama to three littles. It's her mission as a writer to shine light on the journey of a young wife and mom; the good, the bad, and always the real. When she's not writing, Casey is likely to be yelling COME DOWN FROM THERE! or DON'T LICK YOUR BROTHER!, and procrastinating on the housework.  To read more, go hang out with Casey at: Facebook: Bouncing Forward Instagram: @bouncing_forward