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6 Life Lessons Learned, Attitudes Adjusted

Navigating the Waters of Life


I find myself reflecting on life each year around my birthday. I continue to gain new insights and find myself, as the tired old saying goes, “wishing I knew then what I know now.” The major events of my life, both good and bad, have delicately unfolded to reveal lessons essential for my future and unique path. As I near my birthday this month, I decided to compile a list of those that have had the greatest (and most freeing) impact on me.

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About the author

Kristin Streff Barnett

Hi, I’m Kristin. I am a feisty and frugal 30-something with a love for travel and adventure. My younger self pursued a career as an attorney, hated the practice of law and found myself unemployed during the Great Recession. Just bloody awesome. So I decided to take control and follow my true passions: traveling, writing (aka I’m not a millionaire), and making the world just a little bit smaller by encouraging other non-millionaires to travel to their heart’s content. My website and books (available on under “abroad awakening) are dedicated to this cause.
In my spare time, wait….what spare time? Let me try that again….I spend all my time working my day job, enhancing and growing Abroad Awakening, traveling (obviously), and spending time with my husband and two four legged children: Scout and Mose (don’t ask). We live a simple life, explore the world, and always seek new experiences and challenges. I have been truly blessed.