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Kelli Thomas
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Kelli is a self-confessed chocoholic, mom, wife, friend, daughter and social media addict. She has worked both full-time inside and outside of the house and has had moments of epic success and tragic failure with both of them.

Most days Kelli can be found tearing out her hair (from her chin), and screaming for help from underneath a pile of laundry. Her house can best be described as a zoo and she shares the same cage with her awesome hubby of 20 years, 3, no 2 amazing girls (one has been successfully launched off to planet college) 2 lizards, 1 bearded dragon, 1 snake and a Labradoodle who has fomo.

Kelli is on a mission to help other parents know they are not alone on this crazy train and to connect with those people who want to laugh, cry, feel inspired and just be somewhere, different.