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Krystyna Schexnayder
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As a naturally gifted entrepreneurial enthusiast, Krystyna Schexnayder has a degree and over 10 + years in Marketing and Business Development. Her passion is in supporting fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs to live with purpose!   

Krystyna is honored to have the opportunity to collaborate creatively and build upon the movement of Financial Freedom and living a prosperous lifestyle, not just financially, but becoming wealthy in mind, body and spirit. Her influence has recently poured into the growth of a blog where she has provided a resource for individuals to gain better insight into the world of finance in a way that inspires hope, motivates faith and invests in the essence of becoming financially independent and knowledgeable.

Krystyna’s motto is Love Yourself to Wealth, because she wants to spread the idea that to begin a new journey and commit to a new way of living towards anything, it takes a lot of inner work; Inner work that your heart and mind must align to, so that your outward living experience is a mirror image of who you want to be.

Recently relocating to Atlanta, GA, she plans to continue to grow her business as a financial educator.