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I want a barefoot, back door left open kind of summer.

One where the kids enjoy getting dirty toes, one where I can watch the freckles fill out to cover their little noses.

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Hot dogs on the grill, watermelon juice running down chins, sticky ice cream fingers smudging everything they touch.

The smell of sunscreen filling the air. Water balloons, sprinklers, and no cares.

I’m ready for lazy evenings watching kids catch fireflies in mason jars. Then sitting on the swing long after they’ve gone to bed, watching the moon rise over the fields.

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Sleeping with windows open, fans humming, blowing cool air over my skin. Listening to random giggles of littles who were having too much fun to let it end just yet.

I’m ready for a barefoot, back door left open kind of summer.

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Jodi McDonnell

Jodi is a mother and dairy farmer from Ohio. Life is full of adventure with kids and cows. Follow on Facebook and Instagram @OfKidsandCows.

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