I was feeling pretty discouraged the other day just thinking about how underwhelming my life is and wondering if who I am and all I do makes a difference.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for my life and all I’ve been given, but sometimes in the dreary, mundane of everyday life, I wonder what’s the point?

Who will remember me years after I’m gone and what difference did my life make?

It’s so easy to compare to those around us. To look at people who are famous, renowned in our community, accomplished in the church or our work environment, and to find ourselves lacking.

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As I started to feel sorry for myself, I felt God bringing to mind some truths that greatly encouraged me.

He reminded me that He never asked me to be famous or well-renowned or exceptionally proficient in anything, but what He did ask was that I be faithful with what and who He has given me.

Am I a faithful wife, a loving and committed mom, a hard-working employee, a considerate friend, a loving sister and daughter?

Because that’s all He ever asked me to do and that’s all He requires of me.

It would be wonderful if He chose me to be successful and used by Him in a public way but most of His most faithful people aren’t.

I don’t need that to be considered worthy and loved and important to Him.

All He asks is that I am faithful with what He has given me and who He has placed in my path.

Even those who are famous and well-known are forgotten and even if they are remembered in history, we don’t really know who they were, only God remembers that.

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So today God’s encouragement for me was that I may not be well-known or famous or successful to the rest of the world, but I am known and loved by Him and by those who He has placed in my circle for me to impact.

That’s important.

And that’s enough.

So take heart, friends, whatever your current lot in life, whether it’s being a mom to littles or bigs, being a hardworking professional, serving in ministry, or serving in your home, you are exactly where God has placed you and your sphere is important.

Be faithful in little because in doing that . . . you are faithful in much.

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Natalie Howson Price

I live with my husband and two babes in Ontario, Canada.  I love to encourage others through my writing and believe that being vulnerable in my sharing can give others hope in their similar struggles.