No one tells you about the loneliness of motherhood.

But it’s real. Tangible. 

Behind every healthy baby is a woman—stretched from countless feedings.

Behind every candid picture is a woman—exhausted from attempts to savor a memory.

Behind every milestone is a woman—saddened and delighted by the passage of time.

And these moments, by and large, are experienced by mothers as a lone adult.

There is no one to hold our hand—no one to hold us up beneath the weight of beautifully crushing emotion.

And, perhaps, the greatest miracle of all is this: we make it through. 

I think we can agree that a village makes motherhood possible, but today I marvel at the tasks that you, Momma, do each day . . . completely alone.

Because of you, a child doesn’t go without.
Because of you, a child smiles.
Because of you, a child knows love.

And, most amazingly, because of you—

Life keeps growing.

So, the next time you find yourself alone in the sun’s rays or the dark of night, giving of yourself completely to motherhood, remember these words:

This is the greatest of life’s works.

And God trusted it to only you.

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Lauren Fortenberry

Lauren Fortenberry is a passionate storyteller, educator, and mental health advocate, who has published and presented nationally and internationally on faith, motherhood, and children's health.