Oh, Momma, so it’s been one of “those days” and it’s only 9:30 in the morning? Your little darlings were up before the sun had a chance to peek its face over the horizon and instead of smiles on their faces, there was grumpiness written all over them? They didn’t want to eat their breakfast, changing their clothes was more of a chore than it should be, and little whiny voices chorus every few minutes? Now, you’re wondering how you are going to make it through this day?

Well, God sees you.

He sees how, instead of a scowl, you put on a smile to great your little ones. He sees you reminding yourself over and over again to be calm and patient. He sees you.

The dishes are piled higher than the Tower of Pisa and that mountain of laundry is high enough to climb and maybe even get lost in. Paperwork is a few weeks (OK months) overdue, and the floors look like they haven’t seen a broom in a fortnight (even though you JUST swept). The crazy thing about all this is YOU CLEAN EVERY SINGLE DAY! No, matter how much you clean, there’s always something that needs doing and catching up on. It’s exhausting and it’s boring.

God sees you.

He sees the little things you do, the mundane, the insignificant parts of homemaking and mothering. He sees when you have a little pep in your step while mopping, but He also sees when you’re overwhelmed because you rarely feel like you can get ahead. He sees the endless dishes, the nonstop meals, the constant cleaning up, and the long tiring days. God sees you and He likes what He sees. He made your hands for making a house a home. He gave you the energy to accomplish the many tasks you have. He gave you a heart for your family and your home. He sees you.

You sigh as another bill comes in the mail. “What are we going to do?” you wonder. One income makes things tight as does feeding and clothing and diapering and schooling so many little people. “Should I go back to work?” You throw the idea around but it never quite settles well. “Should I start a home business?” You wonder where you’ll find extra time. “What about . . . ” You come up with a litany of ideas but most won’t work out one way or another. You feel frustrated and defeated. You feel like you should help bring more incomes into the family but you’re already maxed out with keeping house and training your children and a whole slew of other things.

Momma, God sees you.

He sees what you give up each day to be with your children. He sees the nice house, fancy coffees, and long vacations on the beach that you do without in order to be a homemaker for your family. He sees you. God sees the cringe on your face when people jokingly say, “Being a stay at home mom isn’t a REAL job.” He disagrees. God rejoices to see such work and dedication on behalf of your family and He is honored when you give of yourself so willingly.

 It’s sometimes hard to see what you do as ‘important’. But God does.

You see yourself kissing endless boo-boos.

God sees you raising the future.

You see yourself once again rocking the baby in the middle of the night.

God sees you bringing new life into the world.

You see yourself folding clothes and washing dishes until you’re old and crippled.

God sees you making your home the happiest place on earth for your family.

Momma, God sees you.

Whitney Bougher

Whitney is Momma to three little munchkins ages three and under who always keep her on her toes! She is also a youth pastor's wife, chai tea lover, organizing fanatic, and enjoys a bowl of cookie dough on occasion. You can join her on the Bougher family blog: heartrighthome.wordpress.com