Dear firstborn, you’re special.

You are different from your siblings.

I know I’m not supposed to say this out loud, but you are.

You are significant beyond your comprehension.

You carved out space in my heart for everything that came after you.

I know tired because of you.

Not I’m so tired because I was up late working on a deadline or out with friends. I know tired that sleep won’t fix. An exhaustion of body and mind for which there is no reprieve.

I know how to be tired and still go on.

I know what it’s like to not know what I’m doing; you gave me no excuses to quit. You pass out endless “get out of jail” cards but are relentless in your demands for greatness.

I am forever changed because I have known a love forgiving enough to take me as I am. And a love powerful enough to make me want to be better.

You humbled me. Before you, I thought I knew a lot; now I realize I knew less than nothing. I’ve realized that answers come from little people with no education and no experience. I don’t underestimate anyone anymore.

You made me confront my selfishness. I’m no longer the center of my own attention.

In many ways, I have grown up with you. You taught me all the lessons I missed.

I know you will change the world because you changed mine.

You did something no one else on this Earth did: you made me a mother.

It’s why I will tell you, until the day I die how precious and valuable you are. Because I know firsthand the power you have over people.

Dear firstborn, you’re special.

Originally appeared on I’m That Wife: Marriage & Motherhood

P.S. If this gave you all the feels, check out Love You Forever. It’s one of our favorite bedtime stories of all time.


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