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There is a trend in motherhood right now . . . maybe it’s happened for a long time, but now since I am a mom, I am experiencing it: this idea that everything we do as moms makes us a martyr.

And honestly, I am guilty here more times than I’m not.

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We have these inner, silent dialogues between us and our husbands, parents, in-laws, and friends. Things we say and think, but they never hear. They compound on each other in the hallways of our hearts before bitterness creeps in without us even realizing it. These conversations and I have had a pretty open relationship, but not anymore.

“I’ll just get it myself.”

“Go ahead, ignore the cries.”

“Of course, you get a break.”

“You have no idea what it’s like.”

What if we asked God to change our mindset in motherhood?

What if we brought Him into those conversations that we have between our mind and heart, asking Him for that revelation knowledge to transform our spirits so we think, act, and are more like Him.

My kids aren’t bad, a chore I need a break from, or a penance for adulthood.

Today, my conversation is this. Today, I am choosing to see my babies as the gift they are. Today, these girls and I are going to climb up on the lap of Jesus and remind us of how good He really is.

“I get to do it.”

“Those cries are headed my direction, and I get to respond.”

“A break would be nice, but I don’t need a break to keep going.”

“My day is full of growing pains raising my kids. But they are here to grow.”

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Kids aren’t bad. They aren’t a sentence we are living out.

It’s hard. It’s tiring. It’s overwhelming.

But, mama, it’s good

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Neely Richer

My name is Neely Richer. I write a weekly devotional, Farmhouse Devotions that is sent out via email to 245 women. I love Jesus, serving my home and family, and being a friend to other mamas. I believe in a world of people who say we shouldn't, we can't, and we won't that we should be looking at each other saying, we should, we can, and we will. I am married to a farmer, Caleb, and we have three beautiful girls. 

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