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In a world divided by basically everything, there’s one thing we all can agree on: growing up in the ’90s was the absolute best.

You were dialing up to the internet on a monstrosity of a computer, probably with a free trial of AOL your parents got in the mail. You had a Discman with double bass boost and a sweet pair of Sony headphones with those foam pads over the ears. If you were lucky, your friend down the street had the coveted clear telephone AND a dedicated teen line. And every day after school, you cracked open some Sunny D and a package of Dunkaroos and settled in to watch the best shows on television, maybe ever. 

Full House. Saved by the Bell. Boy Meets World. Clarissa Explains It All. Sister, Sister. Beverly Hills, 90210. The Wonder Years. Friends. Dawson’s Creek. Home Improvement.

I mean, come on. The ’90s were full of the brand of simple joy we long for now as adults in our ’30s and ’40s. Maybe it was the lack of monthly bills and responsibility and the need to constantly feed every person living under your roof . . . but man, it really was the best. 

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And I was today years old when I learned there’s an entire weekend festival dedicated to our glory days. 

Friends, in case you’re like me and live under a rock, allow me to introduce you to 90s Con

Jennie Garth! Jason Priestley! Alicia Silverstone! Mario Lopez! Mark-Paul Gosselaar! Marc Summers! Melissa Joan Hart! Candace Cameron Bure! Steve Burns, people, Steve Burns

They and dozens of your other favorite stars from yesteryear are converging on Hartford, CT this weekend for the 3-day event (see the full list of celeb guests here). 

DJ Tanner herself posted a selfie from her flight on Friday, with perfect seatmate: Full House co-star Kimmie Gibbler (Andrea Barber) who appeared to be snoozing away in the window seat. 

“90’s Con is going down!!! Kimmie + Deej= insert caption here 😜” she wrote. 

And I think we can all agree Barber wins for the best caption in the comments section: “Yes, Deej, I’m awake! Let’s go over the Clipboard of Fun again! 😴 ”

Ahh, the memories. Who’s up for a last-minute trip to Hartford? I think our collective childhood is calling.  


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