I have to tell you, one of the best weeks of my adult life occurred this past fall when my son, who is a freshman in high school, had “the 90s” for his class theme for spirit week. Why? Because my friends, I AM THE 90s. I turned 13 AND 21 in that glorious decade and I rocked it from start to finish.

Unfortunately, his enthusiasm for me orchestrating his 90s outfits did not even come close to matching MY enthusiasm for the same endeavor. Sigh.

The truth is, I long for the 90s. Badly. A quick trip through my iTunes playlist will show you that I miss that decade like Paula Cole misses the cowboys. {Where HAVE they gone, anyway? Are they back?}

SO, when I saw a little modern fashion news that was 90s-related I pumped my fists in the air and busted out singing some Jewel, because…

…these iconic Steve Madden sandals we ALL wore in the 90s are back, and they were meant for me…and they were meant fooorrr…you. This resurgent fashion miracle is courtesy of Urban Outfitters and I. AM. PUMPED about it!

Steve Madden sandals
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Now, I don’t know about the green and pink, because for me these shoes in the 90s were exclusively black (and also, exclusively worn with…EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT from April to October, at least), but I am really hoping all of us 90s gals re-embrace this trend here in 2019 and Make the Steve Madden Platform Sandal Great Again. If we all band together, we can bring the greatest decade back! Scrunchies, and high-waisted jeans have led the charge, and with The Backstreet Boys as our witnesses, if we get on this platform sandal train, WE CAN BRING THE 90s BACK, LADIES!

It’s April, friends. Get a pedi and get those toes ready, then click on over to Urban Outfitters to get your favorite decade in sandal form. Oh, and also? Maybe double up on leg day at the gym, because as I recall, these sandals each weight about 27 pounds.


We can make this happen…I HAVE FAITH IN US! Who’s with me!?!?! 

Jenny Rapson

Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.