Dear daughter,

Please hear my words and soak them in. Never forget what I am saying.

I just want you to know I really love you. I have lived my own childhood and now I am watching you live yours. Oh what I wish I would have known. I pray you are bold and confident because you are beautiful and kind and that is a rarity. The girls will leave you out. They will say things that make you feel insecure and not cool enough to fit in with them but you aren’t cookie cutter; you are original, rare, creative, and created to stand out amongst them all. The boys will oogle over girls who show off their bodies and you will wonder why you can’t be like them and why the boys don’t like you. It will make you feel unattractive and like something is wrong with you, but you are so perfectly gorgeous. You don’t understand now but one day you will. Keep your confidence.

Please hear my words and soak them in. Never forget what I am saying.

I know you don’t understand your dad and me and why we have the rules we have. But we love you and the things we are teaching you are setting the foundation for your life to come. It may feel like we are “ruining your life” and “we don’t understand” but my love, we do. You are going to mess up but you will never disappoint us. We know that you are learning what boundaries, choices, and consequences really mean. Your life is like a tug of war between being independent and needing your parents. That will never stop throughout your whole life. You may not understand all of this but one day you certainly will.

Please hear my words and soak them in. Never forget what I am saying.

You are going to face things in high school. You are going to encounter love and sex. You will encounter parties and alcohol maybe even drugs. It’s not as fun as they all say. I know some things you are going to have to learn for yourself but I am here for you behind every step of the way and I will never turn my back on you. Boys really do only want one thing. Their minds only think about having sex, while you will be in it for love. It will break your heart but I will be here for you. It will be better for you to wait because boys do turn into men and one day one will commit his life to you and ask you to marry him. You will want to give him the gift you have never given away. You don’t understand now, I know, but one day you will.

Please hear my words and soak them in. Never forget what I am saying.

Life goes by fast, Love, chase your dreams. Dream big and then dream even bigger. Go out for the sport. Try out your singing voice. Rock your own style. Paint that giant canvas. Go on an adventure. Try out for the lead role in the play. The world is so big with endless opportunities. You do not have to be just like me. You can do whatever you want to do. Punch fear right in the face. Your God is with you in everything you do. Be kind and help others along the way who have no one. Find yourself. I know you don’t understand now but oh sweet girl, one day you will.

Please hear these words and soak them in. Never forget what I am saying.

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