Hi peanut! 

You don’t know me yet; your mama and I are best friends. It hasn’t been very long since we found out that you’re in your mama’s tummy. We don’t even know if you’re a boy or a girl (but that hasn’t stopped us from buying stuff). What we do know is how loved you already are. Your mommy and daddy have been praying for you for a little while now. You came along at the perfect time. 

I want you to know a few things. 

You have the best mama. She will be so stinking cool. Honestly, she is the funniest person I know. All of your friends will be so jealous. But even more than that, she already loves you with all her heart and can’t wait for you to be here, so I just know that love will grow a thousand times stronger the first time she holds you. You will be the apple of her eye. Always remember this, because she won’t be perfect. No mama is. She will get it wrong sometimes and you may think she is the meanest mama. But everything she does is purely out of love for you, the baby that will make her a mother.

Not only will your mom love you unconditionally, she will be your best friend. She’s really great at this (trust me, I know). All moms try to find that balance between being a mother first and a friend second, but I have a feeling she’ll just be good at it (maybe because her mom is that way). I don’t fear that you will ever have to be afraid to openly talk with her. She is so understanding. She has been my rock since we were kids so I can attest to her unwavering support and love. Through all the ups and downs of life, she is so consistent and someday that will be one of the things you love most about her. Please know that you can be an open book and she will love you just the same. I mean, you might get grounded but she’ll never look at you any differently.

You are surrounded by a deep and fierce love. Not only from your mama and daddy, but from all the rest of us who are giddy about your very existence. Your grandparents are some of the coolest people in the world. They’ll show you a good time and spoil you rotten. And all of your aunts? My goodness. You’re in for a world of kisses. Technically, I’m not your aunt, but I’ll love you like one. I will always be a phone call away and I’ll keep your secrets (I think, I can’t be sure about that one, but it sounds good). I will scoop you up and love you like family. Because essentially, you are. 

If you happen to be a boy, my son will be your very best friend. He’ll show you the ropes and defend you like a brother. 

If you’re a girl, well, I hope you are my daughter-in-law someday (just kidding . . . kinda). My son will still be your best friend and defend you. He might just be your first kiss, too. 

I guess I should throw in some things about respecting your parents, dreaming big, making good choices and working hard. But we’ve got time for all that. For now we will daydream about if you’re a boy or girl, what color your hair and eyes will be, whose nose you will have and all the great things you’ll become. 

Just know, sweet little one, we are out here waiting for you and we love you so. Be easy on your mama’s tummy because morning sickness is no joke. I’m Katie, by the way, and I’ll be right there when you make your grand entrance. See ya in a few months, peanut.

Katie Trachet

I am 23 and a stay-at-home mom to a boy who is the definition of wild child. I have an AA in English and enjoy writing. My son seems to have given me all of my inspiration.