I just want you to know you are NOT alone! You have an army of mommas who have fought before you, and we are here, holding our hands out behind us for you to grab hold of . . . We’ve got you! Don’t let go! We’ll help pull you through as we go ahead of you, blazing the way.

I want you to know your life will never be the same, and it couldn’t be more beautiful.

You are holding in your arms life and love and hope and dreams and wonder.

You might be told a LOT of things your baby won’t be able to do. You might be told about a LOT of things your baby is at more risk for. You might be told all the things your baby will or will not understand. You might be told a LOT of things that make your baby less than.

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I want you to know your baby is not less than. Your baby has a little extra and that little extra is profoundly steeped in value and worth.

Your baby has a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Your baby is not the diagnosis, but that extra chromosome does add some extra pizazz to life.

Your baby IS a fighter.

Trust that the little human in your arms will persistently fight for a place in this world. Know that your miracle will blaze a trail and touch countless lives with the life he or she lives, and you will be there to fight right alongside.

You will cry and laugh and struggle and overcome just like every other mommy. And those other mommies are right here, standing next to you.

Don’t worry about needing to know it all, you will learn and grow right alongside your baby. Literally, take one day at a time. Take time to breathe and be refreshed.

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You are amazing, and your baby is a captivating masterpiece.

Lean in and hold on because it’s gonna be one incredible ride.

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Lindsay Rangel

Linds here! I am married to my forever love and mom to four humans! I am an advocate for my son who has Down Syndrome and a fighter for the value and worth of PEOPLE. I’m a type 1 diabetic, musician, and lover of Jesus. I am learning to ride this adventure called life with grace, and hope you are encouraged through this crazy journey we're on.                                                            - Signed, a girl pursuing the oasis in the chaos.