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Oh, dear girl,

Give Jesus the mess. Your mess. The mess you think is too much or too big or too unbearable. The depths of the mess. The very worst of the mess. Lay it at His feet. He knew you long before the mess existed. Nobody knows your mess like Jesus. I assure you—this will not catch Him by surprise.

Even when you do not understand, even when it is most difficult, even when you have your head buried in your hands.

Praise Him, for God wastes nothing. 

Even when it feels like opposition is coming at you from every side, remember . . .  Jesus wins. 

Our God is intentional in all He does, and He is a giver of the sweetest gifts in the sweetest timing. 

May each and every struggle we face, prayer we pray, and mess we surrender send us directly to the arms of the only One who can carry us through. 

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We are forgivable. We are lovable. We are capable. We are moldable. And we are bound by the limitless love of God. 

So, dear girl, give Jesus your mess.

The whole mess and don’t skip or leave out a single detail. There is no shame in your mess. He took the mess so you wouldn’t have to. He took the mess and the nails. 

Remember, a lot of what weighs you down isn’t yours to carry. Hand the weight of your pain, heartache, and worry over to the Father. Hand him your mess and let Him return you with rest. 

The struggle is real, but so is our God. And He is a sovereign, just, merciful God. He is good and He is faithful even when we think things aren’t working in our favor. Even when things are tough, and let’s face it, life can be pretty darn tough sometimes. But He is good. Never stop being grateful because He will never stop being good. 

You are allowed to break down and feel what you feel.

You are allowed to completely fall to your knees.

Spoiler alert: You can pray big even when you feel weak. 

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Give Jesus your mess. Take a step back and a deep breath in. Taking a step back from the emotion, exhaustion, and frustration to sit quietly with Jesus will do more to untangle a mess than anything else you’ll ever find. 

The Lord is greater than any giants we face.

So, dear girl, hand over your mess, and if you can’t hand it over, allow Jesus to sit with you in it, for only He can make all things new. And while there is no other pain like our pain, there is no God like our God.

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Molly Claypool

Molly Claypool is a writer, blogger and Mental Health Specialist. Molly resides in north Texas and has been married to her husband Denver for nine wonderful years. Together, they have four children and one on the way! Molly is a seasoned writer often known for her ability to tackle tough and taboo topics. She has also been published on Parent Co., Motherly, Huffpost Parents, TODAY and Love What Matters. While writing and her career are ultimate passions, she also enjoys time with her family, photography, and music. Follow Molly on Instagram.

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