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Dear husband,

It’s no secret our love story has been long and bumpy. We have grown apart and back again many times throughout the years. But now we are entering a different time in our lives. Our children are no longer babies—they wouldn’t even be considered toddlers.

I am loving this time with you.

A time where we have more freedom to be silly, to play, to travel, and just sit with each other.

The days before this were long. They were rocky. They were so stressful.

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There was never enough time, or patience, or energy, or money to get us through day to day.

But here we are.

Surviving together stronger than ever before. Loving and living this life we dreamed up for years while bouncing our children late at night just praying they would go to sleep for a few hours. Gosh, those nights were so long! And the days seemed endless.

But even with a quick kiss out the door passing like ships in the night, we persevered through the fog of early parenthood to watch our kids grow into little humans tackling this big world in front of them.

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They sometimes laugh at our silliness . . . when you pull me to dance at dinnertime to the music we play. Or when we have water fights that I will always win because I am sneakier than you.

We are teaching them to be silly in the most amazing ways.

That no matter how much we stress, or work, or fall apart, we come back so strong together.

We are watching those dreams we spent all those sleepless nights coming up with come true. I am so glad we made it through to see it.

Your wife

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Hillary Rodriguez

My name is Hillary Rodriguez, and I am a wife and mother of three children. My eldest child was born with severe visual impairments. I volunteer my time with my local Special Education PTA and parent organization for families of children with visual impairments. I believe in teaching children and families to advocate for themselves. In my downtime, I like to walk, read books, and travel with my husband. 

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