Dear husband,

I know a lot of people overlook you. Let’s reflect on pregnancy, “How’s your wife doing? How’s the baby? Is the nursery ready? When is HER shower? Your whole life is about to change, are you ready?”

Let’s reflect on the day our beautiful daughter was born, “How’s your wife doing? How’s the baby? Did delivery go okay? She’s so brave and did so well, you must be so proud of her.”

Let’s talk about what’s happened since she was born, “How’s the baby sleeping? Is your wife healing okay? What can I help her with? Does she need anything?”

Here’s the truth, you’re so overlooked by so many. I want you to know I never overlook you. I want you to know that throughout pregnancy, I wanted to know how YOU were doing [so I asked, it didn’t go unsaid] because I knew having a pregnant wife, and the coming of a child is exciting and hard on BOTH parents.

I want you to know that I couldn’t get through a day without you, that every morning while I’m feeding our precious baby girl, I’m waiting on you to come into the nursery to pray with us before we both go to work for the day. I want you to know that every night while I put her down, I’m praying she goes down easy so I can enjoy you and us.

The day she was born I couldn’t have gotten through without you. Between you cuddling me in the hospital bed, singing Christmas songs in my ear through each contraction just to bring me comfort, and encouraging me as I pushed, there’s no way I could have done that without you by my side.

My dear husband, you are never overlooked. You take care of the yard, the trash, the dishes, heck even cooking sometimes, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m so incredibly glad you asked me to be your teammate for life and that you’ve proven that statement to me daily by truly being there and tag-teaming life with me.

I want you to know that I see you. I LOVE that you took two weeks off after I went back to work just to be home with Charlotte. I admire you getting up for every nighttime feeding, every poopy diaper, and everything in between. I want you to know that hearing you run into our room at 3am telling me how Charlotte spit up so much that it got in your belly button was not only hilarious but incredibly attractive. I remember lying awake when you ran back into her room after quickly changing and watching you with her on the monitor as you continued rocking and feeding her. You’re so gentle with her, so caring, so loving. She adores you, and so do I.

So babe, as much as everyone doesn’t know what you do, please know that I see, and that it’s never overlooked. At the end of every day, you’re the one I’m running home to and you’re the one that I want and I choose.

You do so much, and I love you for everything you have been, everything you are, and everything you will become.

I’ll always be here, watching and recognizing.

You’re the best.

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Elisabeth Brown

Elisabeth Brown hails from Tennessee but resides just outside of Austin, Texas. She likes to balance work and play, though doesn't mind when that line gets blurred. Her favorite things all live under the same roof where the residents may have two or four legs. Teamwork is the name of the game in her marriage and the kitchen is where she thrives, whether it's making a bottle or cooking for friends. Her heart and home always seems full.