Find yourself a husband who gives you all the feels.

Find a husband who hands-down supports all of your crazy ideas and dreams.

Find a husband who you miss when he leaves for work.

Find a husband who doesn’t make you feel like the whole weight of your lives together is only yours to bear.

Find a husband who loves you through all of the things that make you anxious.

Find a husband who goes out of his way to understand you.

Find a husband who will turn the vehicle around halfway to your destination, to take you back home because you don’t feel well.

Find a husband who makes you feel confident that you’re the only person who exists in his world.

Find a husband who doesn’t make you feel small. E.V.E.R.

Find a husband who notices the little things. Things like what your favorite coffee of the week is, or your favorite anything to drink. 

Find a husband who does the little things. The one who brings you coffee out of the blue.

Find a husband who rests his hand on your knee. Just a small reminder to let you know he’s there, he’s beside you, and he’s got you.

Find a husband who reminds you frequently of how much he loves you.

Find a husband who celebrates your accomplishments. 

Find yourself a husband who gives you butterflies. Someone who leaves you feeling weak in the knees. Someone who flirts with you in front of your kids to make them cringe. Someone who makes you laugh and smile by being the biggest dork ever.

Find a husband who makes you feel like HOME.

Find yourself a husband you want to do ALL of these same things for.

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