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To my future kindergartner,

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that I really just wrote those words. It’s hard to grasp that your last day of walking out our door and into your little Pre-K class is coming faster than we think. But it’s almost here and there are a few things I need you to know even if you don’t fully understand them. Things that go further than ABCs and snack time.

Know that you are brave. You are probably one of the bravest humans I have ever met. Your fearlessness is often the leading cause of my daily anxiety, but it is also one of the single best things about you and the thing that is going to get you through that first day of school and every day after that. Use that fearlessness to take chances and put yourself out there. You never know if you will meet someone who needs a person like you in their life, so never be afraid to make that first move like you always do.

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Know that you are bold. You are unapologetically yourself, and I pray every single day that you never lose that part of yourself. Never being afraid to be exactly the person God made you to be because she is everything that is good in our world and I think others will feel the same way. It seems so easy now, but it will get harder. It will get so hard to keep being who you want without any fear or hesitation. But please don’t let a big scary world and people with big scary opinions stop you from being exactly who you want to be. Exactly who you were meant to be.

Know that you are bright. More than just a textbook, academic form of bright. You are so unbelievably in tune with the world around you and want nothing more than to keep learning. You want to know more every single day. Keep doing that. Keep craving more knowledge. You can set the world on fire if you try, just promise never to let that light burn out. You were brought into this life to shine bright. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride, but one day you will figure out just what that all means.

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Know that this is just the beginning. While this all seems big and heavy for such a little girl, it all starts here. This is your first big girl step. Stepping into that building as the smallest fish in the biggest pond. But you will handle it with the same excitement and determination that you do everything else. You will smile and giggle and be a friend to everyone. You will learn and grow and find some kind of magic in every day.

And most importantly, know that you are doing it with the proudest Mommy and Daddy right beside you. Every single step of the way.

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Megan LaPorta

Hi! I am the mama of a 4-year-old daughter. I have recently made the jump from the corporate world to full-time mom life. I've always had a passion for writing & am so glad to be able to share it!

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