Motherhood is messy, exhausting, and at times filled with self-doubt, but motherhood is also beautiful, with a soul discovering love that dwells deep within. 

Some days will seem like a total failure. It’s expected. Even on those days, the moments in between glimmer.

In between the exhaustion of sleepless nights and late feedings, you wrap your precious little fingers around mine. The sweet softness of your scrumptious baby cheeks rests against my chest. 

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Among the piles of dirty laundry and the towels that haven’t been folded, sit a pair of tiny white socks.

A reminder of your innocence and how in the blink of an eye you’ll be grown. 

In between the scattered toys and endless clutter in the living room, rests your princess crown and fireman’s hat, transporting you to a fairytale land. The awe of your imagination is a reminder to keep dreaming big. 

Among the messes and stains on the walls are the pictures you proudly painted just for me. Those colorful scribbled masterpieces will be cherished for a lifetime. 

In between the sick days and broken bones, are the extra cuddles on the couch as we watch our favorite show. We slow down for a moment and feel the worries of the world melt away in each other arms.

Among the sibling rivalry and teasing are the “I love yous” and giggles. The way you look after and protect one another makes my heart smile. 

In between the moments I feel defeated and overwhelmed, your kindness comforts my soul. You know when I need a hug too.  

Among the busy schedule, homework, or rushing to soccer practice and dance class, I see your accomplishments. Your joy is palpable. 

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In between a disastrous rainy trip to the beach after a long car ride, I hear “this is the best day ever!” You teach me the unpredictable days can turn into the most special. 

These memories, all the imperfect ones, are what I thank God for the most. As my children grow up, I pray I will always remember those moments in-between.

Christie Boyle

Christie Boyle is a former nutritionist, infertility warrior, mother of two on this side of Heaven, and the mom of an angel. She is a woman of faith, love for family, and enjoys sharing her passion for fitness.