I see you, sweet mom. I see your messy bun and tired eyes. I see you gracefully carrying the weight of motherhood upon you.

But I also see something else so beautiful about you that you may not even be aware of. I see an alabaster jar you are carrying delicately in your hands. I see you hold it carefully as you juggle all you do. I see a beautiful sacrifice called motherhood that you bring to Jesus time and again.

As you go about serving and loving your family, I see you pouring it out onto His feet. As you take care of your family, I see the fragrant liquid drop, a little at a time at His throne. A steady trickle that goes from the early hours of the morning and into the night.

I see you worshipping God, sweet mom, even when you don’t realize it.

As you cook meals and wash dishes, I see a fragrance swirling around you. As you change diapers and rock your little baby, I see a little more of that precious oil being poured out before Him. I see you love your children with your whole heart and with each small task, a little more of that oil pours out upon Him.

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You are doing holy, beautiful work as you take care of your family, and don’t believe the lie that it doesn’t matter.

It matters, sweet mom. It matters far more than you could ever imagine.

Motherhood can feel mundane and lonely. It can feel like no one notices, but that is not the truth.

The truth is every little sacrifice you make lies at the feet of Jesus, and He notices each and every one.

He sees you as you climb out of bed in the morning even though you’d rather sleep in. He sees you as you make breakfast and clean up the kitchen. He is standing beside you as you bandage up boo-boos and give baths. He sees you make favorite meals and plan special days. He sees you as you fold endless amounts of laundry and wash dishes.

He sees as you keep going when you feel like you want to give up. He sees you as you drop them off at school and drive them around to activities. He sees the lists, the appointments, and the activities you keep track of. He sees you wake up each morning and try again. He sees you sweep the crumbs off the floor and as you tuck them in at night. He sees the tears you cry in frustration and He hears the prayers whispered.

He sees you doing what He wants more than anything else . . . loving like He loves.

And it all matters . . . it does.

They may seem like little things, but my friend, the serving you are doing has eternal value.

You serve because you love your family. You serve because you care for them. You serve because you want them to feel safe and happy. And all of that laid at the feet of Jesus is a grand act of worship. You are bringing your sacrifices to His feet all day long.

Don’t ever think it is unnoticed because as you are going along all throughout the day and into the night, your fragrance is rising to God’s beautiful throne.

He smells the fresh fragrance you keep bringing Him and He smiles upon you. He smiles upon your heart because you are such a beautiful reflection of the love of Christ.

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So as you go through your day remember this sweet fragrance you are bringing with you. Look down into your hands and breathe in the pleasing aroma. Rejoice in the work you are doing as though you are doing it for Christ Himself. Bring it to Him with gladness and place it at His feet with love and adoration.

He delights in you, sweet mom.

Keep picturing the beautiful offering you are laying at His feet and cling to the truth that everything you are doing is not just for your family but a gift and blessing onto Jesus.

You are loved, adored, and cherished and smell so very sweet as you serve your family.

Jennifer Toscano

I am a wife, mother to two beautiful daughters and a follower of Jesus. I recently started my blog as a way to document my journey in faith and to share God's great love with others. I also love to cook, read and do graphic design. You can find me on Facebook: facebook.com/aheartfullofhope and on my website: AHeartFullofHope.com writing about faith, hope and motherhood.