You guys!

I love this. My sister is way awesome in the creative field – she didn’t disappoint with this one either. It was for a joint birthday party celebration for her daughter and son  (4 and 2!). Birthday party details (mustache + Mexican Fiesta!) coming soon.

For now I want to focus on this incredible Dora the Explorer treasure hunt.

If you have watched the show (come on – you know you watch it even when your kids aren’t in the room. Oh wait. That’s just me?) – then you know the adventure. That’s exactly what went down last Saturday afternoon in the Mead home. A Dora adventure. (My sis got all of this off of Nick Jr. Awesome ideas!)

Here’s the rundown.

All the kids got a backpack + map.




Each backpack was stocked with silly shapes (for the bridge), Swipers tail and plenty of Dora stickers for fun!

The first clue, Silly Shapes Bridge brought the kids over to a playground area full of cut out shapes. The kids had to choose which shape fit each spot (they all had different shapes in their backpacks).


Once they found all the shapes they could move on to clue #2!

The Grapevine Forest!

My brother-in-law was waiting behind a grapevine/garden fence area and the kids had to finish singing a few songs and answer questions before they could go through. (This was hilarious and the kids loved it!)  Unfortunately, I didn’t get pics here because I got video instead! (But I can’t get it off my phone right now. So, yeah – there was no point to tell you that. Moving on.)  


Clue #3 brought them to pin the tail on Swiper!  (My 3 year old refused as she was so nervous Swiper was really in the building!).



Once all the kids had the tails on Swiper – the doors opened to a Pinata!



All of these activities, printables, cut out’s and more can be found on Nick Jr’s website or click below for direct links (click on the light blue link)! Isn’t this fun? My girls loved it. Especially Gracie (3) couldn’t stop talking about it the next morning.

Dora Backpack

Dora Map

Dora Silly Shapes (Just cut out shapes with an X-acto knife from sheets of paper. Leave the sheet with the shape on your ‘bridge” so the kids match it with the shape in their backpack!)

Swiper Tail




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