“Keep in mind this is God’s plan! And who am I to dare question God’s plan!”

I say it over and over as I watch this mess unfold before me. This mess, America is calling an election. I have never been impressed with the two-party system. It allows too much power to a select few and limits our freedoms. So, as I watch and listen and pray, as Trump and Clinton march to the White House, I only hope more Americans now see the disaster that is the two-party system. Two people that should be sitting in jail are now taking the reigns over to run our country. Someone please do explain again how that happened? So I can explain to my children.

I’m voting for Trump because I don’t want Clinton, vice versa is an unacceptable answer especially in the land of the free. Voting for the lesser of two evils doesn’t give a person much hope. So, I won’t accept that answer! I demand more from my country and you should too!

Yet, following another debate, is a country of hardworking people, justifying their candidate’s horrible actions. I don’t care if it was locker room talk; if other politicians or celebrities have said or done much worse; or if women themselves have done more to demoralize themselves. I expect more out of my president, my country and so should you. I was raised to respect others-all others, and I am raising my boys to do the same. So, yes my president should have respect for all others.

In the meantime I have been proudly waited for the day a woman made it this far in politics. I am all about empowering women to find and succeed at everything they throw their heart into. However, I was hoping I could trust that woman and stand strong with her, but Hillary has never earned my trust. I am aware that big corporations are pulling the strings and she makes a lovely puppet, but I also believe she has her own agenda and it’s not in our favor. And being a woman, she will see the work gets done.

Of course there are other options, and yes this year I will be throwing my vote away because I respect and trust Gary Johnson. Why is it America, we are throwing our vote away when we decide the Democrat and Republican candidates are no longer deserving of our votes? Why aren’t more people concerned about that? Why aren’t their seven or eight candidates taking the stage at every debate? Why are our freedoms that our soldiers fought for limited to two candidates?

Where is my America?

I know I am treading on thin ice here, but when did we go from fighting for our rights, burning our bras and peaceful protest demanding change, to a long sigh and accepting this is what it has come to. I am just as guilty of idling in my peaceful little town, sheltered in the Midwest, in a state that is known for Nice. But what is happening in Washington D.C. will affect us all. If Trump wins and does in fact piss off another country, it is our soldiers that will have to defend his disrespectful actions. If it is on Clinton’s agenda to execute the Second Amendment, they will show up on our doorsteps to collect our guns as well?

We are not pawns in their game. We are Americans and we should demand better from our country. I wouldn’t let either candidate babysit or teach my children, yet one of them is going to lead and represent my children as a country. No!

And some believe regardless who we vote for the deck is stacked and our votes don’t mean a thing. And they are right, yes God gave us freewill and this how we are squandering it, but dare we question the outcome in God’s plan?

So, back to God’s plan! Right, he is our king!

Do not doubt God’s next move!

And with that being said… It shouldn’t be what I expect as an American from my country, but what God expects from me as a Christian. I shouldn’t be fighting for my rights, but for my soul and every soul around me, because eventually Revelations will come into play.

We were given both the freedom to vote and the freewill to serve. Both gifts we should put to good use. Keeping in mind, it is hope that America will survive this election. It is faith that God’s kingdom will.

Jen Miller

My name is Jennifer Miller, but I prefer simply Jen. I live in Hawley, MN. It is a small town built along the railroad tracks and surrounded by fields. I married my high school sweetheart in 2005 and we have two little boys, Jack (5) and Grey (3). Motherhood took me by surprise just before my 30th birthday and since then I have been stay at home mom and have loved every minute of the craziness. I am a staff writer for the Hawley Herald and do most the work from home. Being an introvert it took me out of my comfort zone, but so worth it because I love writing. It is something I do every day and it allows me to be home with my boys.