Following Jesus isn’t easy.

It means being kind to people who aren’t going to be kind back.

It means looking at other’s needs before our own.

It means sometimes being the outcast and getting rejected.

It means forgiving those who hurt us even if they don’t ask for forgiveness.

It means not seeking revenge.

It means showing love to people who don’t want it.

It means standing up for what is right, even when other people won’t agree.

No, following Jesus isn’t easy at all. In fact, sometimes it goes against every fiber of our human nature, and it doesn’t feel fair.

But following Jesus also means some other things, too.

It means having access to God’s power, strength and peace to get us through difficult times.

It means having a heart like Jesus’ that allows us to love the most difficult people.

It means being free from the chains of sin that have made us feel stuck.

It means having an abundant life, filled with good gifts from the Father.

It means having hope when a situation appears hopeless.

It means knowing that this time on earth is just a blink of an eye compared to eternity.

It means knowing that all this hurt and pain is only temporary and our future holds such tremendous joy.

It means getting to make a difference in this world.

It means getting to know the creator of the universe as a friend, and never ever being alone.

It’s not easy. But it’s totally worth it.

This article originally appeared on The Unraveling


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