Sometimes, I wonder who I really am. 

I mean, I know my name is Hannah (duh), I’m a mama to four kids (yes . . . four), and a wife to one husband. (Clearly, OK . . . ) 

I know I have a life story that would make some Christians wonder how a God who can save anybody could actually save me. The girl with the crazy, rebellious, broken past.

I know when my husband tells me I’m beautiful, my mind immediately wonders how in the world he could think that.

I know I like cookie dough way too much and watching Hallmark movies while simultaneously imagining my life being that perfect. My house, my car, my marriage. All of it. 

I know I really only like to take selfies with Snapchat filters. 

I know I have a college degree sitting somewhere inside a drawer not even being used right now. 

I know I am REALLY good at not feeling good enough. 

I know I have questioned how the God of the universe thought I was needed, too. 

But sometimes, I still wonder who I really am. 

What is my purpose? 

What am I meant to do? 

And sometimes, the tears flow when I come face to face with that question. Sometimes, my heart picks up pace a little when I ask that question. Because something happens when I begin to wonder what my purpose is or who I really am. 

Something inside me twists and turns and causes feelings of inadequacy to rise up and become my voice of truth when I ask that question. 

But if I open God’s word, I can easily find who I am. 

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I know God says he knit me together in my mother’s womb and that I am wonderfully made. (Psalm 139) 

I know His word tells me I am His temple and His spirit dwells within me. (1 Corinthians 3) 

I know because I have chosen to receive Him, because I believed in His name, I can call myself a child of God. (John 1)

I know I am Christ’s workmanship, created in Him for good works. (Ephesians 2) 

I know I have a God who cares for me. (1 Peter 5) 

And I know God has not called me to be a servant to the guilt of my past, sins, or shames because He thought I was worth the death and resurrection of His one and only Son. (John 3) 

I know He calls me daughter (Galatians 3), worth more than rubies (Proverbs 31), and forgiven (Psalms 103). 

Because, honestly, if I really want to know who I am, that’s who I am. 

I am His.

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Hannah Dunaway

My name is Hannah! I am a mama to four awesome kids and a wife to a super special husband. He is a youth and music minister and also works for another company. I am a stay at home mom to our two youngest children! Due to a lack of adult communication during the day, writing is my outlet! I am so glad to be here.