Jesus, hug all the mamas tonight.

Hug the expectant mamas feeling kicks and hiccups for the first time.

Hug the mamas rocking and feeding newborns by moonlight.

Hug the mamas telling improv bedtime stories.

Hug the mamas awake taking online classes and sipping coffee in bed.

Hug the mamas folding clothes, scrubbing dinner dishes and mumbling under their breath.

Hug the mamas binge-watching Netflix.

Hug the mamas helping teens with last-minute homework.

Hug the worried and anxious mamas.

Hug the mamas up paying bills.

Hug the mamas nurturing sick little ones.

Hug the grieving mamas.

Hug the tired working mamas and the tired stay-at-home mamas.

Hug the co-sleeping and the cry-it-out-mamas.

Hug the mamas feeling the weight of it all and desperately needing You.

Hug the praying mamas.

Jesus, hug all the mamas tonight.

Jesus, comfort the comforters with Your all-sufficient embrace.


This post originally appeared on Mama Dickinson: Musings Of A Daydreaming Mom


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Sarah Whitman

Sarah Whitman is a writer and mother living in Tampa, Fl. As the religion columnist for the Tampa Bay Times, she covers a broad range of faith and spiritual-related topics. She also contributes parenting columns. She recently started a poetry page on Facebook and welcomes mothers to submit their writings to the site. Visit Mama Dickinson at Visit 1mamadickinson on Instagram.