My husband’s work schedule is different from most. He works odd hours, some weekends and sometimes has to travel. On the Sundays my husband is not home, I’m always tempted to stay in my PJs and skip church. It’s a lot easier having extra hands to help get little ones to church.

But every time I’m in bed feeling like it would be less stressful to stay home, I think about my grandma who took seven kids to church every week by herself. 

And then I get up and get my toddler and my seven month old ready and we go. It’s not just because I feel like if she did it with seven kids, I can do it with my two. Although, that definitely inspires me. 

But, it’s because she got up on all those Sunday mornings and took her seven children to church that my dad knows Jesus. 

And because my dad knows Jesus, I know Jesus. 

And because I know Jesus, I have hope in even the darkest times of life. Through losing loved ones, postpartum depression and anxiety, a high risk pregnancy and so many more of the ups and downs in life, my relationship with Jesus has been my anchor. 

I doubt my grandma was thinking of her future grandchildren on those Sunday mornings. I think she was probably just doing her best to get through the day. She was probably pretty dang tired. (Did I mention she had seven children?) I don’t think she could ever have imagined the impact she was making. 

But now here I am, taking my daughters to church and teaching them about the love of Jesus because of what my grandma did all those years ago.

As a mom, it’s so easy to feel like all of the things we do day after day, week after week don’t really matter. Sometimes it’s mundane. Sometimes it’s just plain hard. Sometimes you’re in the trenches and you’re just doing your best to get through the day.

But it’s hard because it does matter. We aren’t just impacting our children. We’re making an impact on them because they will make an impact on others. 

You’re not just changing diapers, mamas. You’re changing lives. Your job matters so much more than it may sometimes feel like it does. You’re leaving a legacy. 

I know some days can feel so incredibly long. I know that when you’re sitting in the school drop-off line, or getting little ones ready for church, or helping with homework, or making dinner, or picking up dinner, or waking up for the fifth time at night to feed your newborn, it sometimes just feels small.

But, none of it is small, mama. It’s all big. It’s big because it’s love, and love doesn’t stop with one person. It’s passed on for years to come.

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Brooke Smitsky

I am a wife to my favorite guy and mama to the two sweetest girls. I love Jesus. I'm slightly addicted to caffeine, and I'm happiest in PJs snuggled up at home.