When faced with challenges, we often tell ourselves this too shall pass. We pull up our bootstraps and power through, knowing that this burden shall ease, whatever weight is encumbering your soul will lift. It’s meant to make you feel better, that whatever is bringing you down will be gone soon.

At many times in our lives, it’s these very words that get us through. We can manage whatever season of grief we are in or the obstacle that has been placed in our way because it will be on its way, and we’ll be greeted by a day anew. It’s so true, thinking about the times I’ve felt like the weight of what I was managing was too much to bear. We think that the trial that we are in will never end. I’ve had to pause, pray, and remember that it’s a stage of life, I’m not given more than I can handle, and we will move past this hurdle.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of this phrase is more ways than just one. Of course, when my son is up at 4 a.m. (again), or the boys are fighting over toys I take a quick breath, pray for strength and think this too shall pass. These moments are often, but fleeting and I know as they grow, they will outgrow these trials and move on to new ones.

I find myself thinking of the passing of time in moments of joy, too. When my older son hugs me tight and tells me how much he loves me I can’t help but think that this won’t always be and hold on a little tighter. There will always be love, of course, but the novelty of giving mom a spontaneous squeeze will likely wear off, replaced by an awkward half-hug as they run out the door.

There is a sheer brilliance to seeing the world through a young child’s eyes. Everything is new and exciting. It’s often hard to pause and appreciate those moments, but I’ve learned to stop and remind myself: enjoy this moment. Pause. Reflect. This too shall pass.

I find value in each of these moments—the good and the bad. When I’m tested, I remind myself that this moment will pass . . . that I can and will hang on . . . and it does.

In moments of pure happiness, I take a mental photograph and hold it in my heart because this too will pass.

Our days are made up of fleeting moments, each piece of which is here for the blink of an eye. Embrace the beautiful times, persevere through the challenges. Breathe, and this too shall pass.

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Jessica Tyler

Jessica is originally a Midwesterner, born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. After moving around a bit, she settled in Colorado with her family. She lives with her husband, Jeff, and sons William and Benjamin. In her free time, she attempts to be outdoorsy, loves to cook, read and drink wine. You can find her on her blog, I Dream of Naptime.