Dear future tribe,

I may or not have met you yet. But let me tell you what I promise to offer.

I promise to answer your texts as soon as I see them.

I promise to have a kettle ready to brew French press coffee within a moment’s notice.

I promise to have hugging arms ready to engulf you.

I promise to listen to your dreams, your goals, your struggles, your fights.

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I promise to have a blanket ready and spot on my couch any day of the week.

I promise to have milk and eggs for any Saturday brunch.

I promise to have a place to lay your head with essential oils soothing you to sleep.

I promise to be there.

I promise when it gets hard—because that is what life does—I won’t disappear.

I promise to give grace and understand it is impossible to keep it all together.

I promise to support your marriage, to cheer you on during the hardest of mothering days. To scoop the kids up and give you a moment of peace because we all need that sometimes.

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I promise you can cry, laugh, jump for joy, sit in silence, or vent in anger.

I promise that, despite time that may fly by, I am still here.

I promise to be ready for any vacay near or far. 

My house may be messy.

I might not have showered.

My kids might look like hooligans. 

But, there is always a spot for you in my life. In my day.

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I promise to be there. 

Your tribe sister 

Lauren Wiatrek

Lauren is born and raised in Austin, Texas where she lives with her husband Evan and two girls. Lauren is a stage 3 breast cancer survivor and has started living a more intentional, preventative health lifestyle to truly live the best life possible. Lauren loves all things food, extra hot coffee, and being a girl mom. Lauren's family takes off for the summer every year road tripping around the country, which has helped Lauren gain inspiration to write in her blog and in her coming books.