Hey, sister. Do me a favor, would you?

Invite me into your mess.


Pretty please.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I want to be invited into your beauty, too.

The nice moments, the soft moments. The Hallmark commercial kind of stuff.

Please, invite me into that, too.

But don’t leave me out of your mess.

Don’t feel for one moment that it may overwhelm me. Don’t think for one second that you’ll be judged by me.

Because can I let you in on a little secret?

You allowing me into your mess allows me to be more comfortable sharing mine.

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So give me permission to see your heartache, your heartbreak. Allow me to see the days when you don’t feel like putting your feet to the floor, but you put them to the floor anyway. Invite me in to be witness to the days when you don’t want to show up for others, but you show up anyway.

Let me see your tears, your anger, your sadness. Allow me to stand there during your frustrations, your worries, your sleepless nights.

Because sister, I’m going to need you there through mine.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that a sisterhood cannot be built on the good times alone.

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Invite me into your mess and I’ll invite you into mine.

The good times? The fun times?

Sure, we’ll have them, too.

But the messy times?

That’s where the real stuff is made.

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Heather Delaney

Heather is a wife and mother of three, who is crazy passionate about motherhood, marriage, and sisterhood. She loves hot mugs, heart rambles, and really good pasta. You can follow along with her adventures either on Facebook, or on Instagram.