Allow me to take you on a little tour of my beauty routine. Well, it’s not so much a beauty routine as much as a tune up service. Open at all hours of the day and gets service right before falling apart. If you see my eyebrows start to connect, give me a yell will you? Get it together lady! Whether you are single, a working wife, stay at home mom or mom working outside the home, this is for you. So listen up!

Have you promised yourself time to take care of… well, you? Sometimes the womanly gene in us turns and we wonder why it’s been so long since we’ve thrown an eyebrow plucker at our face. Go on and check my phone calendar. You’ll see I have scheduled getting my nails done. Eyebrows plucked. A little home work out courtesy of la DVD’s in our player. Yup, I have to remind myself to do these things, but hey at least the desire is there! Last but not least, once a week is some old fashioned rest and relaxation bath time. Oh yeah, that last one never happens. Most often than not, I’ve got one eyebrow done and remnants of a cotton ball stuck on one nail.

One of those quiet nights, I realized, who am I martyring for? What exactly is the purpose of keeping myself in this non cycle of a beauty routine and feeling pretty crummy while I’m at it? Let’s slowly peel back a layer of “I feel guilty of taking time for myself” with another of “Should I spend this money on my hair?” Can I get a heck yes?! Go for it lady and get it together! Don’t give it a second thought. You deserve to look and feel your best, no guilt required.

Can’t do your nails or pluck some stray hairs because you are too busy? Get it together lady! After all, what are you busy about? Put some joy into everything you do by feeling your best and know you deserve some time for yourself. Don’t feel bad about it! Sometimes we are torn up inside and not many people know what problems we have on our minds and in our hearts. So lady, wife, mom, you there reading, go ahead and schedule some time for yourself. Maybe it’s on your couch while watching Netflix or at a fancy salon you’ve been dying to test out. Find some things that make you happy and feel physically good about yourself and pencil them in. You’ll be surprised what it can do for your outlook on your day! The end result may just well be a vibrant, shining, smiling version of the really tired mommy hidden under those new highlights.

Picture Courtesy JamesAnn Photography

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