“Mommy, why did God make you?”

I immediately responded with, “He made me so I could make you.” 

Wow, that sounded smart and wise now didn’t it, I thought. I couldn’t believe I came up with such a beautiful response. 

It didn’t occur to me until later on just how much truth there was to that statement. But my precious son, it is true. That’s why He made me, so I could be your mama. So I could make you. 

He made me so I could guide you through your life. So I could teach you right from wrong and set you out on a solid path. 

He made me so I could wipe every tear and kiss every scrape on your knees. 

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He made me so I could show you things and teach you all about the world. 

He made me so that He could comfort you through me. He made me so I could hold your hand and give you hugs whenever you are feeling scared or sad.

He made me so I could give you all the snuggles in the world, so you could feel just how much you are loved. 

He made me so I could care for you and set an example of what a parent should look like so that one day, you will be the parent He needs you to be. 

He made me and your dad so we could show you what a marriage should look like and set you up to be the husband you someday will be. 

Before I was in my own mother’s womb, He knew I would make you. He knew you before you were in my belly, and He knew this was my purpose. 

He made me to be tough and to always persevere through all of the sleepless nights and the teething months. 

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He made me strong so I could handle the premature birth and the high-risk pregnancy. 

He made me stubborn so I could exclusively pump and provide you nourishment when my body wouldn’t let me nurse. 

He made me outspoken so I would stick up for you whenever someone is bullying or intending to hurt you. 

He made me resilient and selfless so I could handle all the changes life would throw our way.

Between moving across the country to quitting my job during a pandemic, He knew I’d always put your needs first. 

He made me have faith and trust in Him on the nights where I wanted to check to see if you were breathing while you slept (although I am human and would still check every once in a while). 

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He made me so that I could be your mother. He picked me, out of all the mothers in the world you could have been given, and He chose me to be your mother. 

God made me so I could make you.

Courtney Devich

I am a mom of two little ones (God blessed me with one of each) and a former HR leader turned stay-at-home mom. I write with a heart for the mom struggling with mental illness, but I write about all things motherhood, marriage, and faith on my blog, Her Strength & Dignity. You can usually find me in the Starbucks line at my local Target, watching Fixer Upper, or chasing after a toddler (or two) in my home in Michigan.