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Forty years ago, you were an innocent child. You were brought into this world for a purpose. Your innocence is robbed before kindergarten by a trusted relative. You are broken and bruised by those entrusted to protect you. You are extremely emotional in your childhood, but no one listens to understand.

As you grow into your teenage years, emotions are bottled up out of fear. You lean into promiscuous behavior because that is the only way you know how to get men to love you. Because of abuse that no one took you out of, you stay around those who yell and hit you. You form trauma bonds with those who invalidate your every fiber of being.

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Now imagine looking at that little girl, your daughter, who looks just like you. Imagine breaking generational curses. Imagine doing the work and letting go of past hurts. Imagine years of therapy to heal from all the past traumas.

Imagine her innocence being protected and kept safe. Imagine not allowing others to bruise her spirit or break her innocence. Imagine her living a carefree childhood for normal development. Imagine her having a safe environment to express her emotions freely for emotional development.

Imagine her becoming a teenager with high self-esteem and the will to overcome peer pressure. Imagine her self-confidenceso fierce that she does not allow the opposite sex, or anyone, to invalidate her feelings. Imagine her having enough self-love that she does not need to look to others for her worth.

Imagine breaking generational curses and strongholds. Imagine doing the work and letting go of past hurts. Imagine release from addictive behaviors and toxic patterns. Imagine becoming the best version of yourself for yourself and your daughter.

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Imagine years of therapy that allow you to heal from all the past traumas, rebuild your self-worth, confidence, and esteem. The work will be hardmentally, physically, and emotionally. But in the end, it will be invaluable. Your daughter will become the image of you without all the brokenness and injustice.

You get to see how a daughter properly protected and raised by a mother genuinely healed will turn out. You get to look into her eyes and see the innocence of childhood preserved as long as possible. Your daughter will grant you a vision of seeing how your life could have been without choices based on trauma.

No longer do you have to imagine. Your daughter, raised from a healthy version of yourself, will reflect how your childhood, youth, and early adulthood could have looked like.

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Carole Hawkins

My name is Carole Hawkins, and I am an aspiring writer. Also, I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children. I hope to share my writing with others and hope it will help just one person find freedom in a breakthrough, just as I have.

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