Here’s Why I Don’t Agree With Jen Hatmaker

Here's Why I Don't Agree With Jen Hatmaker
Written by Lauren Eberspacher

I woke up earlier this week, and I did what most of us do in the mornings; I rolled over and grabbed my phone. As I aimlessly wandered into the kitchen and sat down, I began scrolling through my Facebook news feed, my eyes growing wider as I saw the same Religion News Service interview with Jen Hatmaker pop up over and over again. It broke my heart, not only as I read through the post, but as I scrolled through the comments; most were harsh and ugly, on both sides of the argument. I cringed as I read them, until finally I had to put my phone down. The condemning, the name calling, the hatred… there is just so much division in the body right now, am I right, friends?

The thing about this article and others who share in Jen’s like-mindedness is that they are ultimately pointing in the wrong direction… they are all pointing to the beliefs of Jen and not to the Truth, which is the word of God. And for those of us who aren’t standing behind the teachings and ideas of Jen Hatmaker, this thought should drastically change the way we are proclaiming God’s Truth; because truth and love can and must be shared at the same time (Ephesians 4:15). And it’s something that we can’t be divided on any longer, friends.

Here is the thing, I’m not sure where you stand reading this post. You could be at a place in your faith where you are trying to figure this whole God thing out. You may be Biblically educated up to your eyeballs. Maybe you see God as a big man with a booming voice, full of acceptance and welcoming anyone who leads a “good and loving” lifestyle. The point is I don’t know your heart and there is no possible way that I could convey mine, except maybe over a cup of coffee around my kitchen table (pie would obviously be included in this conversation). But today that’s not going to do any good for either of us unless we are eating that pie together.

What I want to share with you today is this: God’s Word never changes and neither does His view of any sin. And with that knowledge, we can’t teach love and forget truth. When the Bible was written over 2,000 years ago, it wasn’t written with the idea that generational interpretation was an option. Its truth wasn’t written for us to cherry-pick verses to back up sin when it was convenient and comfortable. When the inspired word of God was written, it was meant to speak in cohesive direction and protection. And like any loving parent would do, He has given us rules and truths to live by to keep us safe, both physically and spiritually. Because when He first created us, He knew that we would need leading.


That’s why He gave us the Bible. There are many things in this day and age that are permissible, but not all of them are beneficial (1 Corinthians 10:23). And no, I’m not just talking about living a homosexual lifestyle and abortion here. I’m talking about lying, gossiping, judging, cheating on your spouse and having a bad attitude. Because whether you agree with it or not, God looks at all of these sins the exact same. (James 2:10-11). And He doesn’t just look at the sin friends, He looks at the whole person, you; the child who He loves so deeply. And I’m not sure if you’ve realized this or not, but we are all dirty, messy sinners. Not one of us is less of a disaster than the other. And we all need the same grace.

That’s where Jesus comes in. Because when God sent Jesus and he died on that cross for all of our sins and when he rose from the dead…. everything changed. That’s when the veil was torn and death was defeated. And ultimately that is where the wrath of God was justified with the sacrifice of His own son; the true picture of truth and love together. And that is why I am standing firm in God’s word, knowing that the two were ordained to be together, because they are both who He is. There cannot be truth without love and there cannot be love without truth. So today I’m choosing loving truth.

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  • I wish I could sit down with you for that coffee and pie Lauren. I have a question that I’d ask. I agree with what you said, loving truth. So why is it that if all the sins are equal, why are those that surround sexuality and reproduction choice treated with so much more fervor, either for or against? We all need the same grace, so why can we not extend the same grace to someone with a different sexual orientation than what is normative, and enfold them in the love of Jesus? Why does the Church push them aside, make them feel less than and hurt them, over and over? I can’t, in my fallibility, my sinfulness, claim that my knowledge and understanding of Jesus is more complete than anyone else. I can however, attempt to live in love, Jesus love, and welcome the sinners into the Church, into my love and into my life, with open arms, knowing that I’m as much of a sinner as everyone else. Just because my sin in normative, doesn’t make it any better. So if I’m going to make a mistake, I want it to be of too much love, too much acceptance. I’m with Jen on this one.

  • Hi Rita! Thank you for reaching out; I wish we could chat over that pie and coffee, too. It actually sounds like you and I agree on a couple of things. I too think that the choices surrounded by sexuality are getting SO much attention right now. Some of it, in my opinion, has to do with the fact that those are a lot of social issues at hand and that there are many Christians and churches turning away from what the Bible teaches. However I will say that there are many churches who aren’t reaching out and extending grace like they are called to do. Some seem to be hateful, basically closing their doors to them. If they are acting like that towards those with sexual sin, they should simply close their doors altogether, because like you stated and I pointed out in my post, ALL sins are equal. And I LOVED what you said about “normative sin.” If we are truly living with eternity in mind, no sin should be “normal.” One of the biggest things that we as followers of Christ MUST change is how we live with those living in sin. Are we inviting them into our homes? To church? To go out with our families? Are we praying with them and making relationships with them? Active discipleship? In my opinion, we aren’t anywhere close to doing that enough. But when we are walking with our Christan friends who are living in sin, we are also called to bring that sin to attention in love and truth and allow the Holy Spirit and our discipleship to help them recognize a need for repentance. I know that I’ve been called out in my life for sins before; some in a loving way, some not. Either way it was hard for me to hear, but when it was done with the love of Christ and a desire in my friends to see me be more like Him, that urgency for me to repent came much easier. I hope that makes sense. Thanks again for reaching out!

  • “When the Bible was written over 2,000 years ago, it wasn’t written with the idea that generational interpretation was an option. Its truth wasn’t written for us to cherry-pick verses to back up sin when it was convenient and comfortable.”

    What irks me about this is that you obviously do not obey every single word of the Bible. Everyone cherry picks.

    • Hi Kasia! Yes, you make a very true remark. I DON’T obey every single word of the Bible; none of us do or are capable of that. This post was made in remark to Christians continuing to live in (any) sin with out repentance. I hope that clears up where I am coming from. Have a great afternoon!