I sure am glad Fourth of July week has come and gone. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Fourth of July but this 43 year old cannot handle a whole week of over-indulging. So on Sunday I slinked into my HotPants and hit the streets of Kearney to sweat out some serious toxins. 

As you can tell by this post-run picture, I’ve decided to avoid festive blue drinks for a while. But I loved running in my HotPants! They made me feel strong and powerful. This is probably in my head but anything that awakens my inner work-out beast is a good thing.

What are HotPants you ask? Zaggora HotPants aka weight loss pants are engineered to increase energy expenditure while exercising. According to the website, they also increase your core body temperature which leads to an increase in metabolism. Although they look like regular work out pants, they sure don’t act like it.

Do they work?

I don’t know but I do know they make you sweat. And I mean SWEAT! The first time I wore a pair to my Zumba Fitness class at UNK (in an un air-conditioned gymnasium no less) my legs were dripping with so much sweat that I was sloshing in my shoes by the time class was over. Even my shoelaces were soaked.

Yep…that’s sweat. So gross!

They remind me of a scuba suit (although I don’t think I’ve actually felt a scuba suit). They are very thick and tight. I like the tightness. In Zumba it helps control the “after shake”. For those who don’t Zumba, that is when you stop shaking but certain “areas” of your body keep on going!

Hot Pants are a little pricy running around $90 but every so often they offer a Groupon and you can snag a pair for around $40 plus shipping. Read more about Zaggora HotPants on their website or at facebook.com/zaggora. The customer comments sold me and helped me determine what size I needed to order.



Please note:  It is very important to replenish your body following a workout especially in HotPants. You just eliminated all the water and toxins in your body so rehydrate with good old fashioned H2O and avoid the chemicals found in sodas and diet drinks.


Sanae Shea

Sanae Shea is a girly girl living in a house full of men…1 husband, 3 sons and new puppy named Ted. When she’s not busy with her boys, you’ll find her teaching Zumba Fitness classes at several locations throughout Kearney. She is also a skin care consultant for RX Skin Therapy at USave Pharmacy in Kearney. Learn more about Sanae at www.zumbawithsanae.com.