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I called and told you she wasn’t doing well. I had to go to see her and that meant I wouldn’t be available for daycare pick-up and probably wouldn’t make it home for dinner.

You said okay.

I went to her, saw my family, and sat for a while.

Meanwhile, you left work. You planned dinner, picked up the kids, talked to the teacher. After driving home, you cooked dinner, as you always do. Eventually, you sent me a text to ask how she was doing, how I was doing.

As I stopped for a quick dinner with my sister, you sat through a noisy dinner with our kids. You made sure they ate, asked them to take more bites, and then excused them from the table when they had had enough.

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While I drove home, processing the last few hours, wondering if this would be the night we lost her or if she would live on for a few more days or weeks, you took the kids upstairs for bath night. You gave our youngest a bath, played with him, dressed him in pajamas, and did his bedtime routine while our oldest took her bath.

When I arrived home, she was finishing up her bath, and he was rolling around in his bed, listening to lullabies and soothing himself to sleep. You were standing at the sink washing the dishes.

I knew I had picked the right partner many years ago, but in those moments I couldn’t have been more thankful for you.

I was reminded of our wedding song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry and the Pacemakers. Because in the middle of the storm that my family was going through, you never let me walk alone. You anticipated where I needed you most and made decisions without needing to ask me. You cared for our little family while I showed up for mine.

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I walked through the door and was greeted with a giant hug, and at that moment, I knew I wouldn’t have to do this alone. You would be there to weather the storms life throws at us.

Since this revelation, my mind has flashed upon a million moments we’ve stuck through together as life got cloudy and stormy. From the first summer we were together and tragedy struck your small town, to divorces and moves, marriages, old age, lost pets, and more.

In each moment, we’ve held hands, offered support (or silence when needed), an ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on. At the end of a long day or a moment of bad news, you’re always there. Thank you.

I married my best friend. So I’ll never walk alone.

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