Dear Husband,

You are a good man. No, a great one. You are the man of my dreams. Not just that, you are the man who has slain the dragons in my nightmares. You have exceeded my dreams, brought to life a man my dreams didn’t know existed. You are a man who speaks truth. Not just truth that everyone wants to hear; you speak the truth everyone needs to hear. It’s refreshing. You are a good man. 

You are a selfless man.

When you saw me struggle with loneliness and depression, you gave me time away. When you hear me utter a silly desire, you find a way to fulfill it. When you see me tired and weary, you give me time to rest. When the kids have drained all my energy, you order pizza on your way home from work. You clean up our never-ending messy house on your day off. You are a selfless man. 

You are a loving man.

You give me kisses in the morning, kisses at night, and many in-between. You snuggle our babies and wrestle our boys. You rub my feet and tickle my back every night when I ask. You wipe away tears and snotty faces, and hold me when I fall apart. You are a loving man. 

You are a strong man.

You lead our family in truth. You show our boys what a man does, and what a man doesn’t do. You don’t falter in your steps. You seek wise counsel and know you need others to guide you. You steady me when I question who I am. You live with integrity and purpose. You are a strong man. 

Thank you for being that man.

I hope you feel loved for all you are. In the moments I say nasty things and my tone is hurtful, I hope you still know the depth of my love for you. That my heart breaks knowing I’ve hurt the one my soul loves. 

Thank you for pushing me to grow.

For loving me when I’m in a dark place, but never allowing me to stay there. Thank you for asking me tough questions. For showing me truth when I need it, grace when I don’t deserve it, and discernment when I am too confused to understand. 

Thank you for being a good father to our babies.

To know they are secure in your love is a gift. Knowing they will always understand the love of a father will have eternal rewards. For them to see you loving people and serving the Lord will guide them the rest of their lives. I’m certain that they will trust Him more easily since they’ve had a father that has cared for them so well. 

When we promised forever so long ago, I thought that was the best moment of my life. Now I realize the best moments are the little moments with you everyday. When you pause as you leave the house, catching my eye for a special glance just for me. When the kids go to bed and we collapse on the couch, knowing we are a team. When you bring me a flower, even though I acted like I didn’t want one. When you fulfill your marriage vows and tell me I’m beautiful every day. Those are the best moments of my life. And they just keep getting better. 

You really are a good man–no, a great one. 


Your wife 

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Hannah Carpenter

I am simply a crazy and stressed homeschool mom living in Ohio. I have five amazing kids and one incredible husband who still loves me after 15 years. Most importantly, I am a daughter of the King who is trying to honor Him everyday through my parenting, teaching, art and writing.