Confession time. I am 47-years-old and have never been into mornings and I am not EVER going to be into mornings! I have sucked up every last article about “10 Things Successful People Do, Get Up Early,” well, how do you define success, really? Is it when you are in a mode of production? Is it when you are pleasant? Just those two items alone would cause huge issues if it is before 8:00 am and before my 2nd cup of coffee!

I know, you the reader may wish to change my tune. I have to say, it is not going to happen after this length of time. I truly am blessed as I think our entire household, including my wonderful rescue dog Sampson, is not into mornings. 

I will never be a morning person!   www.herviewfromhome.comIs it possible that great things happen in the evening? Yes I say so! If you are riding in my car during a beautiful sunset moment, prepare yourself to take a picture or I will have to pull over!

I will never be a morning person!   www.herviewfromhome.comIn my estimation, you never NOT EVER miss a beautiful sunset! This is the time of day that you breathe deeply and you take in the end of the day. Count your blessings, be a blessing to someone you know needs it and just soak in what God has given you! So, if success is determined on being a morning person, I am not that person! My recommendation, take in a sunset, enjoy each and every moment you are given and above all, remember to give it your all everyday and great things will come your way!

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”~Philippians 4:13

Ranae Aspen

Ranae Aspen lives in the middle of Nebraska in the heartland of America. She shares her home with her husband Dan, and teens Daniel and Leslie. Sunset Acreage is home to fruit trees, chickens, cats and rescue dog Sampson. Ranae is passionate about sustainable living and sharing her life’s journey to help others thrive in this crazy thing called life. She loves writing!  You can connect on Facebook at  You can also find her blog all about Sunset living at .