I have a true love for snail mail.

It’s why I still feel badly about not sending Christmas cards this year. I love receiving a personalized note in my mail-box. Always have – always will.

It’s rare, very rare these days in the world of instant communication, for someone to take 10 minutes out of their day just for you. Which is why when I received this…


a smile spread across my face as big as its been in a while.

Mr. Scott Rager (countyseatliving – check out his site if you haven’t! Fantastic.) sent me this gorgeous gem as a “welcome to your new home” gesture.

At first glance, I thought it was junk mail. An advertisement – trying to get me to sign up for a new magazine. Truly. The penmanship was too perfect, the card too pretty.

And then I looked closer…


and knew it was from Scott.

How did he know that I love the dragonfly? Each time I see one, it reminds me of swimming and splashing in my farm pond as a kid. How did he know that the color pink could very well be my favorite color?


It was perfect in every way.

If we never make money on this website, if our big dreams never come to fruition, I think I’ll be OK. The friends I’ve met through this internet world make me smile each day.


That’s a life I love to live.

Thank you, Scott for this wonderful welcome!


Psst. Want a tour of the new place? Me too. *sigh* it’s taking a long time to get everything organized/put together. Here’s at least a peek of my kitchen from last week.  More to come!

Leslie Means

Leslie is the founder and owner of Her View From Home.com. She is also a former news anchor, published children’s book author, weekly columnist, and has several published short stories as well. She is married to a very patient man. Together they have three fantastic kids.  When she’s not sharing too much personal information online and in the newspaper – you’ll find Leslie somewhere in Nebraska hanging out with family and friends. There’s also a 75% chance at any given time, you’ll spot her in the aisles at Target.