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If these walls could talk, I would like to think they would tell me, “You are doing an amazing job, Mom.” I mean, they see everything, hear everything, and are there for the best times and the worst times. I would like to think they are my biggest cheerleader when no one else is.

During those nights of pacing the house with a fussy baby, nonstop rocking and shushing and begging for sleep, overnight feedings and crying from the pain and exhaustion. The rest of the house is sound asleepit is just me and the baby . . . and the walls.

I would like to think if the walls could talk they would say, “You are strong and amazing, and you’ve got this. You are this baby’s whole world. Soak this in and take it for what it is because we have seen many times how fast this all goes by, and you will look back one day and miss it. Keep it up, Mom.” As moms to those little ones, we need this reminder often, and who better to give it than one who is there all the timethe walls.

There are plenty of those days when I am just surviving the day.

It’s chicken nuggets for dinner for the third night in a row, laundry is piling up, dishes are filling the sink, and all I have been doing all day is yelling and fighting with tiny humans. I sneak to try and get a two-minute, private bathroom break. (Who am I kidding? I am a mom. I don’t get private bathroom breaks.) But I need this one, not to use the bathroom, but to cry.

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I have been trying to keep it together all day, but the house is swallowing me whole, and I am just treading water at this point. And let’s not forget the guilt, more especially, the mom guilt. Am I doing a terrible job? Am I not good enough to be their mom? Maybe I need some me time to get myself together? You know, take care of myself so I can take better care of everyone else too. Nope, that will only multiply my mom guilt and make everything worse. I come last. I need to make sure everyone else has what they need and is happy before I am.

While I am sitting in the bathroom, crying, I would like to think if these walls could talk, they would say, “Mom, stop it. Have your moment and cry, then pull it together. No one else can do the things you can and one day, these tiny humans will be grown, and you know what they will remember? Not the dirty laundry or dishes, they will remember the laughing, playing, and most importantly, that you were there. You showed up, every day, for everything. You never gave up and you always did the best you could. They will admire you, which means you should admire yourself right now too. Take a deep breath and start fresh. You’ve got this.” A pep talk we moms often need.

Now the laundry is all caught up on, the house is clean, everyone is happy, and on top of that we have been reading books, doing crafts, baking cupcakes, having play dateswe are doing it all. Have I become some superhero all of a sudden?

If these walls could talk, I would like to think they would say . . .

“Yes Mom, you have become a superhero. Actually, you have always been a superhero and you are killing it at this mom thing. Don’t forget to take moments and stand back and look at your kids’ faces and take that mental picture. Those smiles, those giggles, chase them, tickle them, get dirty, make messes, and take those mental pictures to remember forever because unfortunately, time does not slow down and stand still, and you will look back and remember specific moments and how wonderful they were. So, take those mental pictures and give yourself a high five and a pat on the back. You may feel like no one notices how awesome you are doing, but we do. We see it all and we are cheering you on.” This is the high five we as moms look for.

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As moms, we can easily get caught up in the everyday routines. We have days when we think we are not good enough or days when we are doing it all. We often don’t take care of ourselves and always question every little choice we make.

Sometimes, all we want is someone to say they are proud of us and they appreciate us and they see all we do, but that’s not how this job goes.

So, I’d like to think if these walls could talk, they would say, “Mom, I see you. I see it all. I am proud of you and appreciate everything you do. I will always be here and always have your back. When you think you are alone, you’re not. When you think you have no support, I will support you. Stand tall and smile, because to your family, there is only one you, and no one else can do what you do and fill your spot. You are a mom.”

So if you ever feel like you are not doing a good job or are enough for your family, just read this: you are amazing, and I am proud of you. That is what your walls would tell you because you are a mom.

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