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The first magical flickers of your strong heartbeat on a black and white screen— the reassuring evidence I needed to know you were gaining strength for this world. My belly grew, and I proudly went shopping for maternity clothes to cover it. I felt the first dances of your little feet, and it reminded me of butterflies taking flight— the movement of a true miracle.

I’ll always remember you this way.

The sounds of your first cries—music ringing in my ears. You were real, Earth-side, and wanting only to be loved. The softness of your skin, the way you smelled, and the fine silk of your baby hair made me wish I could freeze time.

I’ll always remember you this way.

The way you grabbed my finger with your small, dimpled hand and looked up at me in wonder made every sleepless night disappear. Your first smiles proved you recognized me. Your belly laugh echoed joy into each new day.

I’ll always remember you this way.

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You crawled toward me, pulling up on my legs—asking without words to be held. I solved all your problems with hugs, kisses, and snuggles.

I’ll always remember you this way.

Your first wobbly steps made you giggle with glee. The way your voice sounded when you said “Mama” for the first time is etched in the depths of my mind. Videos of your first words make me long to turn back time.

I’ll always remember you this way.

The way you run to me—“Mama, look at this!” You ask to hold my hand whenever you walk up the stairs, and you never leave my sight without a hug. You are delighted by books and pictures. I find myself hoping you’ll forever love learning this much.

I’ll always remember you this way.

You already ask questions about God and His plan for our lives. You tell me you miss loved ones who have gone before and say with certainty that you’ll see them in Heaven one day. You crave cuddles at bedtime, and I love hearing all about the adventures of your day.

I’ll always remember you this way.

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I can scarcely believe so many years have passed, that it’s already time for kindergarten. You’re excited and ask to go. I know you’re ready.

I want you to know I’ll carry every part of you, every stage, in my heart always.

We’ll make new memories, you’ll need me less, but my love for you will remain steadfast. And, at the end of the day, even as you continue to grow and change, I’ll always remember you this way.

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Ashley Prinsen

I am an infertility warrior who shares my journey to motherhood via original devotions and blog posts on my site (www.scienceplusmiracles.com). My goal is to encourage and support others who are navigating difficult roads. I live in Columbus, OH with my encouraging husband and three miracles boys.

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