We have been trying to be intentional about where we spend our time these days. Time is such a precious thing and the older my kids get, the more that is oh so clear.

I’m a doer and a collector of fun events and I can overextend this family like nobody’s business.

And I have.

This year, I’ve not only decided to be serious about the “one activity at a time per kid rule,” but I’ve also decided it’s OK if we have kids who are in NOTHING.

I know. I’m really off the beaten path here. This is a giant leap for this suggester of joining all the things.

This has meant kids are not doing some of what has become a part of our family life. Today we should be at basketball games. Tonight we should be at plays. But we’re not.

And those were hard things to take off our plates. The hustle and bustle attracts me. I fear I might be addicted to busy you guys. And I don’t want to pass that addiction on to my people. I want them to know there’s more.

Today, for one of the first times, I see what we’ve gotten in return for what felt like a sacrifice.

A lazy Saturday with all 7 of us home.

A sweet pancake maker excited to make us all breakfast.

Boys playing Legos while they wait for their food.

Girls who have slept until rested.

Parents who don’t have to say one word about uniforms or coats or hurrying up for the entire day.

I see today we have given our family a gift.

The gift of a space in our week to breathe.

And that gift is well worth the price of giving up a few of our things if only for a season.

Because we all need to remember how it feels to not only breathe, but to talk together unrushed about something other than the days plans.

To look into each other’s eyes.

To be bored for awhile and let it lead us to listen to our hearts.

To have time to create and eat pancakes together.

These family days won’t last forever and today I will cherish this gift of my people and nothing to do.

My wish for you my friends is a place where you can breathe this week. It’s an amazing thing.

This article originally appeared on Hiding in the Closet with Coffee

Amy Betters-Midtvedt

Amy Betters-Midtvedt is a writer, educator, mom of 5 crazy kids, wife to a patient husband, and lover of Jesus. She writes along with her friend and former teaching partner Erin over at Hiding in the Closet With Coffee. Our mission is to help parents find sanity and joy, and we know sometimes joy is found hiding out in the closet with coffee, or hiding out on Facebook — come and join us both! You can read more about us here. You can also find us hiding out over at InstagramPinterest, and Twitter.