I was reminded recently that not everyone has parents like mine. I’ve always known it in theory, but seeing it around me is different. Getting to know and love people from different kinds of homes is eye-opening, and it made me realize something . . . I’m so lucky to have parents like mine.

So, here’s to the parents who show up. The ones who work full time but still manage to make it to seemingly all your school functions, church outings, and sporting events.

Here’s to the parents who took the time to sit down to dinner with you and made family time important.

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Here’s to the parents who brought you to church. Even on the hard days. Even when it’s a fight to get out the door. They got you there.

Here’s to the parents who said sorry when they were wrong, when they lost their cool or made the wrong choice. They taught you that even adults make mistakes and that no one is perfect and that’s okay.

Here’s to the parents who tried. Who gave their all and never let you feel like you were anything but loved. To the parents who took you on coffee dates and shopping adventures and family vacations. To the holidays and the fights that were resolved peacefully and the chaos that comes in a home filled with love.

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Here’s to the parents who still show up when you’re in your 30s and raising babies but still need them because they are your comfort, your allies, and your best friends.

Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, thank you. I’m so lucky you’re my parents.

If you didn’t have parents like mine, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you missed out on the love and attentiveness you so deserved, and I hope you are able to do better for the next generation.

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Lizzie Michalak

Lizzie Michalak is a mom, wife, and writer. Originally from New England, she lives with her family in Dothan, Alabama where she continues to write for her blog A Life in Review. She has been in the blogging world since 2011 and began her latest writing adventure in February of 2020 where she publishes bi-weekly lifestyle and family posts.

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