Part of living abroad is embracing and learning about new cultures, traditions and worldviews. I’m sure we all have seen the news lately and can all agree that politically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally we are all struggling with what’s happening in our world. There is an enormous amount of unrest and chaos in many nations of our world. Everything from acts of terror, to political riots, mass killings and suicides, bombs and attacks. It’s scary, it’s surreal, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s sadly our reality.

It’s the reality we are raising our children in, and that scares me more than anything. Do we stop traveling and live in fear? Do I stop sending my son to school in fear of what will happen when I am away? What will I teach him as he becomes old enough to ask questions? There is so much that I think about and so much that my husband and I thought we would never be discussing in a million years. I don’t have the answers for those questions, yet. All I know is that I want to raise my son with as much peace in his life as possible. I want him to see different cultures, ethnicities, and religions and embrace them all. I want him to love differences in himself and others. I want him to have a peace in his heart that makes him kind, loving, giving, smart, and genuine.

The attacks that happened in Brussels, Belgium this week had me in tears. We live in Germany, just 5 short hours away by car. My heart first and foremost ached for those who lost loved ones, those who never got to say goodbye, and those that lost their lives. Being an expat has taught me how to be more compassionate, how to be present in world events, and how to truly feel love for people and cultures you don’t even know. I hope one day Logan learns that. I hope one-day fear doesn’t allow him to stop living. I hope he is blessed to continue seeing the world for what it truly is, beyond the bad things.

There are still good people, there are still safe places, there’s still light in the darkness, and if I can just give him some peace as I raise him, I will have accomplished so much. It seems I have been singing this tune for a while now. I feel like way too often I am trying to find the good, justify that there IS still some hope to cling to. But looking into my sweet baby boys face IS the hope and the best reminder. He is the reason it matters, he is the reason peace matters, change matters, love matters. Rest in paradise to those lost in this terrible tragedy and may God bless these nations and cover us in His protection. 

Morgan Williams

Hi! My name is Morgan Williams & I am currently a stay at home mama to my son Logan. I am married to Lorenzo & we travel Europe for his professional basketball career. In my free time, I enjoy fitness & blogging about life, love, & travel. I also participate in women's bible study & some great charitable organizations. Thanks for reading!