Do you see this big guy in the picture below? That’s Toby. I went to a movie this past Sunday evening and as I walked through the door, Toby came up and gave me a hug. Just did it. For me and everyone else that came through the door. It spoke volumes to me. I’m pretty sure that Down Syndrome is a higher state of being. Like they’re the ones who’ve got it right, and we are the ones that can’t figure out how to live and just be happy. It really feels like that. 
Toby is 9-years-old. He was adopted from the Ukraine when he was 4. He has three older sisters and a younger brother who was also recently adopted from Bulgaria. For the first four years of Toby’s life, he was left in a crib without any form of human interaction. He was believed to be worthless. If you were to meet Toby today, you would see a walking miracle of happiness and light. He truly is a testament to love and life and the ways we can heal with nurture and care.
My name is Elaine Mefferd. I was contacted and asked to be an Ambassador for Toby. His family has entered him into the Great Bike Giveaway. It is a program out of Michigan through a group called Friendship Circle that provides adaptive bikes for kids. Toby can’t ride a bike. He doesn’t possess the fine motor skills or balance necessary to maneuver one safely. We can fix this. The Great Bike Giveaway is working to provide funding for 600 adaptive bikes. If the funding in not fully met – the top vote recipient in each category will receive the bikes that have been funded. This is a call to action to vote! 
Can you remember your first bike? I can. It was a purple and white dirt bike. Coolest in the neighborhood. And it provided hours of exercise and freedom and fun. Toby deserves this same chance. He has an extremely loving active family that would like nothing more than to take Toby for a bike ride. All we have to do it vote. If you are able to donate as well, even better! 
Click this link, scroll down and vote, then tag and share it with your friends. 
Thanks so much for you time. Toby is a special kid. Let’s make something special happen. 
A Bike For Toby; Boy With Down Syndrome Deserves A Chance To Ride

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