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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Babies don’t keep.” The sentiment is to enjoy every moment with your babies because you blink, and they’ll be all grown up. Housework and other stuff can wait. It’s a reminder for us as parents, especially moms, to slow down when we can and just soak up the moments with our children. 

Yes, they grow up quickly. Yes, slowing down is important. Spending quality time with our most precious little ones, even when they’re not so little anymore, is not something any parent would disregard as anything other than that—very important.

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But it’s also important to find a balance. It’s also perfectly fine if you spent a day or two of your week cleaning your home or catching up on the never-ending laundry pile

It’s okay if you had to work late today. It is okay if you are simply touched out, too tired to find any energy to dedicate yourself to quality time with your children. 

They will be fine. You will be fine. 

Of course, we need to be cautious and alert that these days of overwhelm, drained energy, and never-ending tasks of the household don’t overshadow our children, and therefore phrases such as “dust if you must” and “babies don’t keep” are lovely reminders of the important things in life—our families. 

But let’s not shame ourselves when we have to devote our time elsewhere every once and a while. Motherhood is difficult. Keeping the home safe and clean is just as much an act of love toward our children as sitting with them and cuddling or playing together. Going to work outside the home is a sacrifice made in love. Time for self-care is time devoted to being a better parent. 

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Yes, babies grow up fast. Spending time with our family is important. But cleaning, working, and hobbies are also needed, and there’s no shame in spending some time on them as well. Even the Bible says that balance is key, “There’s a time for everything.”

So, dear mama reading this today, don’t feel guilty if you spent today cleaning instead of snuggling. Don’t feel like you’ve failed your child because you worked overtime today. There’s always tomorrow. Or next week!

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Jennifer Pers

Jennifer is a Montessori teacher who left the classroom to focus on homeschooling her two amazing sons. Married to her best friend for over a decade and living in the Caribbean on a tiny island, which has its challenges and its perks.

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