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Every new parent has heard it before—all those “just wait until . . .” comments.

Just wait until you have to wake up every two hours, then you’ll really know what it means to be tired. 

Just wait until your baby cries like mad, then you’ll really know what patience is. 

You just wait until you find out what it truly means to be busy, then you’ll laugh at what you used to think of as busy days. 

But you know what I say? Yes, the newborn stage can be difficult, but oh, how those precious moments wipe the difficultness away. 

See, I waited, and until is here.

I wake up every two hours. My baby does cry at times. And yes, I am busy these days. But all in the most beautiful way. 

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So to that, I say . . . 

Just wait until your baby wakes up every two hours and you both snuggle together in calm silence staring into each other’s eyes. Your baby’s head nestled in your arm and their sweet breathing in sync with yours. You both breathe in, and as exhausted as you are, you rock them far after they’ve fallen back asleep because you’re mesmerized by every tiny feature. 

Just wait until your baby cries like mad, and as soon as you pick them up they start to slow down, draw in a deep breath, burrow into you, close their eyes, and expel a sigh of relief because they are back in their favorite place. Their small body somehow fitting perfectly into your arms each time. 

Just wait until you find out what it really means to be busy.

Running around changing sweet clothes, little diapers, chasing giggles, and soaking up snuggles. Your days seem to drag on but are also over in the blink of an eye, leaving you thinking how with every tomorrow they won’t be as little as they are today. 

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Yes, becoming a new mom can be challenging, but oh, how reviving it also is. It morphs you into a whole new person. One who wishes time would slow down even in those difficult stages. 

There is so much sweetness in this stage, and I wish for that to be the new focus of advice. I am soaking up every fleeting minute. For one day, I will long for these precious moments even as difficult as they may be. And because of that, I can’t wait for the rest of the just wait untils.

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