Go on the date . . . 

Even if you’re too tired.

Even though it’s inconvenient.

Even when there have been more side-eyes than smiles as of late.

Give the kiss . . . 

Even if you’re still angry.

Even though you don’t always want to.

Even when you don’t feel like they deserve it.

Go to the therapy . . . 

Even if people don’t get it.

Even though there’s not really time.

Even when it costs more than you’d like to spend.

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Say I love you . . . 

Even if it’s only a whisper.

Even though loving them can be hard.

Even when there are still things to work out.

Keep doing the work . . . 

Even if you don’t really know how.

Even though it’s really hard.

Even when the progress is slow.

Never stop praying . . .

Even if you don’t have the right words.

Even though you might not get the answer you want.

Even when you don’t feel God near you.

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It might not always look like you hoped.

It may not always work out how you planned.

But you can always keep showing up.

Even if it’s just for yourself.

Even though it feels impossible.

Even when you don’t really want to.

Even if. Even though. Even when.

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Jen Hummel

Jen Hummel is a 30-something introverted Enneagram 1 and wannabe minimalist. She lives on a fourth-generation family farm with her handsome hubby, two daughters (+1 in heaven) and four crazy dogs. Yes . . . four. On any given day, you will find her in a graphic tee and stretchy pants sipping on an iced latte, because #basic. Writing is her safe haven and free therapy between bi-monthly sessions of the real deal. Jen's goal is creating community through authenticity + imperfection in her writing and IRL.