When I was younger, I prayed God would send me a man who would love me not only for my strengths but for my imperfections too. I prayed for a man who sought to help me grow from my wounds instead of deepen them. A man strong in faith, secure in his character and morals, and capable of loving deeply as a husband and father.

For years, I searched and I prayed for this man, but I couldn’t find him.

Just when I was about to give up on my prayers, God sent me you.

And so now, my sweet husband, I pray for you.

When you laugh and joke with me in little, random moments, I pray for you. I think about those moments throughout the day when it’s just the kids and me at home, and they can bring a smile to my face in even the most chaotic and stressful times. I pray you know just how much I need you and think of you, even when you aren’t here.

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When you get home from work with a smile on your face and a big, loving embrace for our son and daughter, I pray for you. I pray you know how excited they are to see you when you walk through that door. I know you carry a heavy load from the stress of your workday, and yet you still set it aside so as not to burden your children with it. I pray God shares that burden with you.

When you roll up your sleeves after dinner and tackle the dishes, I pray for you.

I pray you see the amazing example you’re setting for your son and daughter. I pray you know how thankful I am to have someone help shoulder the weight of the household responsibilities that seem to endlessly increase as our children get older.

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When you get down on the floor before bedtime and enter the world of make-believe with our children, I pray for you. I see the lines of exhaustion etched on your face, and yet you are so energetic and engaged with them as you play. I pray you know just how big of an impact those little moments are going to have on their lives.

When we get into bed and you hold me close to you, softly kissing my lips before asking me about my day, I pray for you. I know you are constantly pulled in so many directions and you have so many of your own worries, and yet you still listen to mine.

I pray you see just how much that support and caring means to me.

When you get up in the middle of the night to comfort one of our crying babies, I pray for you. I pray you know how much I appreciate the extra rest even though you’re exhausted from your day of work, too.

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God truly answered my prayers when he sent me you. I’ve never seen a man love his wife and his family so deeply. A man who can be so intensely passionate about succeeding in his career to provide for his family while still ensuring he spends quality, fulfilling time with his children. The kids and I are so blessed to have you as a husband and father. I do my best to support you in the same way and help carry the weight of your burdens, but I still pray God helps you feel that love from me, too. 

Today and every day, my sweet husband, I pray for you.

Katelyn Cushey

Katelyn is the lucky mom of two sweet children, Spencer and Delaney. She lives with her kids and husband in Florida. She loves to share her stories with others through writing in the hopes of helping at least one person realize she is not alone. You can follow her on Facebook and on her personal blog, A Perfectly Messy Life.